Territory Manor Motel & Caravan Park

About Us

With our friendly and welcoming staff we endeavour to ensure your stay is comfortable and enjoyable while staying at the Territory Manor. 

We purchased the Territory Manor in April 2013.  We have enjoyed updating and improving the facilities, increasing our clientele and exploring the region. We have acquired a menagerie of animals; the peacocks "Edgar" and his two girl friends who hangs around the restaurant, the cockatoos "Fancis and Lucy " who come over for a piece of bread in the morning.  In the billabong we have barramundi, black brim and turtles.  Out in the flat there are three donkeys that were here when we bought it.  There are many different species of birdlife that have made the property their homes and numerous wallabies that can be spotted at dusk and dawn.

Twice a day  at 9.30am and 1 pm we do a Barramundi fish feeding at our billabong.  The barramundi are quite voracious eaters, and inhale their food with a loud boof sound.  Did you know that all barramundi are born male?  They only turn into females on return to the ocean as adults.  Learn this and other interesting facts at the feeding.

We look forward to seeing you in Mataranka when you next visit.